Człowieczeństwo 2

by Julia

Humans will disappoint you and make you suffer, that’s inevitable, but allow your spring to flow, that is, do not stop loving. You may say, But we’re fed up with always being ill-treated, deceived and wronged. It’s better to be ill-treated, deceived and wronged than to prevent your inner spring from flowing. You can always make up for losses or disappointments, but if the spring of love stops flowing you are lost, and inside yourself you become a quagmire. Obviously, it’s better if you know how to direct and channel the water from this spring to prevent it from flowing all over the place and into gardens where it will be helping just wild grasses or stinging nettles to grow. The spring should not be left to run dry, but there is nothing to stop you from protecting it and ensuring that its flow supplies only God’s children. And the others, what is to be done with them? That is not our business, life will take care of them.