Myśl pozytywnie

by Julia

KING 	Forty-two days man and a wakeup and I'm a gone 
	motherfucker.  Back to de WORLD.
		(dreaming in his eyes)

 CRAWFORD 	Broke a 100.  Got 92 to go.  April 17.  DEROS man.  
	California this summer.  Waves are good they tell me, 
	surfin's gonna be good ...

 KING 	March man in Tennessee, sniff the pines ... sniff 
	that crossmounted pussy walkin' down by the river.  
	What you got Taylor?
		(a snicker)
	Let's see three hundred and WHAT?

 CHRIS 	... 32. 332 days.

 CRAWFORD 		(groans)
	Oh man!  Sorry bout that.  I can't even remember when 
	I was 332.  You gotta count backwards like you got 40 
	days in - think positive.