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Co jest ważne

Czy to naprawdę takie ważne, żeby nie kłamać, żeby mówić prawdę z dobrą intonacją?
Można przecież żyć wśród kłamstw, gry słów i wymówek.
Czy nie lepiej być otwarcie i swobodnie kłamliwym?
Może polepszyłoby ci się, gdybyś była po prostu sobą?
Nie, ty tego nie rozumiesz.
Nie rozumiesz tego, co mówię. Jesteś niedostępna.
Powiedzieli, że jesteś zdrowa, ale twoje szaleństwo jest gorszego rodzaju. Grasz osobę zdrową. Robisz to tak dobrze, że ci uwierzyli.


Myśl pozytywnie

KING 	Forty-two days man and a wakeup and I'm a gone 
	motherfucker.  Back to de WORLD.
		(dreaming in his eyes)

 CRAWFORD 	Broke a 100.  Got 92 to go.  April 17.  DEROS man.  
	California this summer.  Waves are good they tell me, 
	surfin's gonna be good ...

 KING 	March man in Tennessee, sniff the pines ... sniff 
	that crossmounted pussy walkin' down by the river.  
	What you got Taylor?
		(a snicker)
	Let's see three hundred and WHAT?

 CHRIS 	... 32. 332 days.

 CRAWFORD 		(groans)
	Oh man!  Sorry bout that.  I can't even remember when 
	I was 332.  You gotta count backwards like you got 40 
	days in - think positive.


You’d think that people would’ve had enough of silly love songs…

I look around me and I see it isn’t so, oh no.

Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs

Well what’s wrong with that?
I like to know.


– Czy ktoś z Was miał okazję widzieć surrealistyczny pokaz w The Met kilka lat temu?
– „Uwolnione Żądze”
– Był cudowny.
– Znakomity. Aktorzy byli cudowni

– Pieprzyć cudowność. Mówię o tym jak Ci ludzie się pieprzyli. Ci surrealiści z pewnością bardzo często się pieprzyli. To jest bardzo dobrze udokumentowane. Poeta Eluard był z przepiękną Galą i wtedy Gala zrzuciła z siebie ubranie i uwiodła Max’a Ernst’a, który myślał, że jest szalenie zakochany w Louise. Wtedy Gala wylądowała w łóżku z Dali, porzuconym Eluard i Louise oraz inną kobietą, bardzo tajemniczą Denise Levy, do której zalecała się…
– Breton.
– Breton, tak, uwielbiana przez Peret, bla bla bla… Ale przynajmniej pisały do siebie fantastyczne, groźne i chore wiersze miłosne.
– Tak mamo, ponieważ to całkowicie ich wybawiało.
– Wiesz co? Całe to pieprzenie, bez sztuki, jest raczej nudne. Mam nadzieję dziewczyny, że wy dla siebie na wzajem piszecie fantastyczne, chore, zmysłowe i groźne wiersze.

Fikcyjne samobójstwo

Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more.

Couldn’t agree more

The time to make up your mind about people is never.

Zaginiony list

W Twoich oczach widzę rzeczy, których wiem, że nie dotknę.
Wiem, że do nich nie dotrę.
Pozwalam im dotknąć siebie
i pielęgnuję te chwile
aby móc się nimi dzielić
jakkolwiek ulotne by nie były.


Listen, thug means never having to say you’re sorry.

Nastoletni mordercy

This is Radiolab. Our topic today… The parasitic wasp.
So, what it does is it flies around and it looks for a cockroach, It stings it, it can’t run away. It has essentially lost its will. Well, parasites are very careful. You know, they won’t eat vital organs that will kill it. God should not be personally blamed for having created parasitic wasps. A parasitic wasp can insert its stinger into one specific part of the cockroach’s brain, but then turns the cockroach into its slave in a very elegant way.
That, to me, sounds like the purest description in nature of evil that I can imagine.


– Oh I’m sorry. Do I appear a little spaced off?

– I think about all kinds of things when I’m out with these guys.
I think about my pedicure, my kid’s homework, my charity auction.

– I’m thinking about a story that I’m working on about how when I was 12, I used to masturbate like 20 times a day…
and I’m not sure…
whether I should make it like fiction…
or like a New Yorker style essay piece.
I don’t know.

Stranger than kindness

Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.


– If I told you that I loved you, would you take it the wrong way?
I’ll take it however you want me to.


Kłamstwo to najlepsza zabawa ubranej dziewczyny.

Nie dać się

I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you… stranger.

Wakacje od rzeczywistości

The present has gone. Fantasy is a part of reality, but we take the breaks off. We’re thinking clearly, yet not thinking at all. This feels right. We stop trying to control things; a warm rush of chemicals through us. Is this brain damage? We forget all the hurt and pain in life. We wanna go somewhere else. We’re not threatened by people anymore. All our insecurities have evaporated. We’re in the clouds now. Wide open, we’re spacemen, orbiting the earth. Yea, the world looks beautiful from here. We’re nympholeptics, desiring for the unattainable. We risk sanity for moments of temporary enlightenment. So many ideas, so little memory. The last thought killed by anticipation of the next. We embrace an overwhelming feeling of love. We flow in unison. We’re together. I wish this was real. We want a universal level of togetherness, where we’re comfortable with everyone. We’re in rhythym, part of the movement. We wave goodbye. Ultimately, we just want to be happy. Yeah, yeah (laughs) What the fuck was I just talking about?


Godność ludzka? Bardzo dobra rzecz, ale nie dla kelnera.


And you know how they say we’re all each others’ demons and angels? Well, she was literally a Botticelli angel. Just telling me that everything was gonna be okay.


Co nie jest życiem, wykorzeniam, by kiedyś martwym nie umierać.


Humans will disappoint you.


Przyszłość nie jest z góry ustalona. Nie ma przeznaczenia, bo sami decydujemy o naszym losie.

Nowy tasiemiec do śniadania, obiadu i kolacji

Monogamy is fabulous. It gives you a deep and profound connection with another human being, and you don’t have to shave your legs as much.

Nie teraz

I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.

i tych parę chwil

– Where were you last night?
– That’s so long ago, I don’t remember.
– Will I see you tonight?
– I never make plans that far ahead.

Quo vadis

– Where are you going?

– Slowly insane.

c.w. (ciąg wcześniejszy)

That’s why so many people hate themselves. Seriously. It’s just they are sick to death of being around themselves. Let‘s say that you and I were together all the time, then you’d start to hate a lot of my mannerisms. The way… the way every time that we would have people over… I’d be insecure, and I’d get a little too drunk. Or… the way I tell the same stupid pseudo-intellectual story again, and again. Y’see, I’ve heard all those stories… So of course I’m sick of myself. But being with you… it‘s made me feel like I was somebody else. I mean the only other way to lose yourself like that is… you know, dancing… or alcohol… or drugs or stuff like that.

Z cyklu: monologi (filmowe)

Reality and love are almost contradictory for me.

It’s funny…

Every single of my ex-es…

they’re now married!

Man go out with me, we break up, and then they get married!

And later they call me to thank me for teaching them what love is, and…

that I taught them to care and respect women!

You know, I want to kill them!

Why didn’t they ask me to marry them? I would have said „No”, but at least they could have asked!!!

But it’s my fault, I know that it’s my fault, because…

I never felt it was the right man.


But what does it mean the right man? The love of your life? The concept is absurd, the idea that we can only be complete with another person is…



You know, I guess I’ve been heart broken too many times.

And then I recovered.

So now, you know, form the starts, I make no effort.

Strona bierna

The day has suddenly turned sinister.

Mały walc

Czy pamiętasz, jak ze mną tańczyłeś walca?
Panną, madonną, legendą tych lat
Czy pamiętasz, jak ruszył świat do tańca?
Świat, co w ramiona ci wpadł


If there’s any kind of magic in this world, it must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something. I know, it‘s almost impossible to succeed, but… who cares, really? The answer must be in the attempt.

Co u ciebie

I have a great imaginary world, but sometimes i need things to just happen.